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New Beginnings Mandala
The New Beginnings Mandala is a symbol which signifies the initiation of taking that first step down an extraordinary new path to overcome adversity and discover strength within. No matter the journey that has just begun, this mandala will help guide you and bring love and spirituality into your life.
Explore Mandala
The Explore Mandala represents the timing in our actions and courage to discover and learn from the unknown. Let this mandala instil the courage to discover a world of limitless possibilities outside of our creative, emotional, and spatial constraints.
Inner Peace Mandala
The Inner Peace Mandala represents the power of our internal voice bringing clarity through knowledge and understanding of ones true self. Bring awareness of your personal strengths to the centre of your being to create security and stability, and let this wisdom and courage guide you to a state of enlightenment.
Happiness Mandala
The Happiness Mandala represents the intense feelings of well-being and excitement. This mandala is the perfect symbol for those who have recently experienced a joyous occasion or for those who need some additional contentment in their lives. Let this mandala bring positive emotions and joy to those who need it most.
Love Mandala
The Love Mandala is a symbol of the passion and emotion we express with all of our heart. Whether it be a love interest, the love for a new child, or the love for your journey, let this mandala open up new heights of exploration, communication and enlightenment as you give and receive love with a new clarity and understanding.
Friendship Mandala
The Friendship Mandala represents the quality found through exceptional connections of understanding and loyalty. The power that is created through this interpersonal bond brings support and enrichment to not only your journey, but also the journey of friends and connections around you.
Inspiration Mandala
The Inspiration Mandala is a symbol of the energy and motivation that resides in all of us as resources that we can draw upon at any time during our journey. Use this mandala to instill tranquility to its user in order to reveal the enlivening possibilities that inspiration brings.
Protection Mandala
The Protection Mandala represents the safekeeping of ones physical and emotional wellbeing in the face of adversity. Let this mandala bring the gift of security, confidence and sanctuary to shield obstacles that may arise as you travel through your journey.
Strength Mandala
The Strength Mandala represents the power and inspiration that we all hold as abundant reservoirs that can be drawn upon as often as needed. It is an influential force that can be used to resist or overcome obstacles on any journey, and know that this powerful essence is with us at all times.
Guidance Mandala
The Guidance Mandala is a symbol of internal direction that uses the energies of the earth to provide resolution and instruction on your souls journey. Let this mandala help you navigate the unknown and instill the belief that you are already on your own unique path.
Vitality Mandala
The Vitality Mandala is a symbol of the spirited and energetic qualities that we all possess. Let this powerful vital force that we hold provide the opportunity for clarity in given situations that will help strengthen our purpose and being.
Gratitude Mandala
The Gratitude Mandala represents the appreciation of our trusted internal voice to guide us through our journey in life. It is a reminder to remain in the present moment and be thankful for all that we give and receive as gratitude offers power to all who use it.

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