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A mandala (Sanskrit for circle) is a spiritual symbol found in many cultures around the world. 

The design or structure of a mandala symbolises a spiritual journey that resides within each of us.

It is a spiritual guidance tool which aids in meditation practices, through healing, reflection, relaxation and balance of our mind, body and soul. 


This fun interactive workshop invites you to explore your soul through creative expression.

Participants will be guided through a process of mindfulness, in order to create their own unique monochrome mandala.

It’s an opportunity to connect with our soul and make beautiful new connections with others as we leave the outside world behind us for the duration of the workshop. 

No previous drawing experience is necessary.

All art supplies will be provided.


This Workshop Includes:

◊ Your very own workshop book ◊

◊ A4 Specialty Paper ◊

◊ Compass, Protractor, Ruler ◊

◊ Pencil, Eraser ◊

◊ Various sizes of black pens ◊

You Will Need to Bring:

◊ An Open Mind ◊


◊ $99 + BF ◊

Early Bird $85 + BF – ends 11.09.17 ◊

Workshop Date:

◊ 8th October 2017 ◊

Workshop Time:

◊ 1:00pm – 4:00pm ◊

Workshop Venue:

◊ Eternal Spirit ◊
100 Goodwood Road, Goodwood

Want to know what others are saying::

Here are some kind words from some beautiful souls…

Great mini retreat-like workshop. Calm, peaceful, amazing energy. Surprisingly brought out an inner artist I didn’t know I had in me.

I feel so accomplished and I never through I would actually be able to produce a mandala that I believe actually looks good!! I feel so calm and at peace after the class. I’m excited to take my new skills (and kit) home to keep improving my creativity.


I have been feeling called to be more creative and expressive. I think our hearts yearn to create. Creating a mandala feels like such a beautiful way to just be. Through being I can feel a letting go and surrender of habits that cause inner struggle and tension. Thank you Kelly.


This has been a wonderful, calming experience. I never thought I would ever get to reconnect with my inner artistic self. This whole experience has taught me to leave all my worries behind me and focus on the present. I will be creating more mandalas using my starter kit.


This is a great way to completely zone out and forget about the stresses of life. I will definitely be making some time in my week to create new mandalas.


Places are strictly limited

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