Fusing Ancient healing modalities and state of the art modern technology, Kindred Souls Collective is a sanctuary to rediscover your inner peace.

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A place to experience the magic of singing bowls and sound healing; to understand your own energy and vibration; and to facilitate your own healing, inner peace and connection to self.

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Welcome, I’m Kelly

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist. Sound Healing Practitioner. Reiki Master. Meditation Teacher. High Vibe Creative.

I believe there is a power in creating your own stillness.

This space of stillness allows for lower energetic vibrations within the mind and body to move and shift, creating a balance and sense of internal harmony. This space of stillness is where new insights, inspiration and clarity reveal themselves. This space of stillness is where we connect to our true authentic self.

Hello there! Welcome to the Kindred Souls Collective!

Are you ready to calm your inner world, reconnect with your authentic self and live a high vibe life?

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