Tibetan Singing Bowls are a magical addition to any home, they look beautiful on a shelf or desk, patiently waiting to be played. For the most part Tibetan Singing Bowls are relatively easy to take care of. Following the below tips can help to extend the life of your bowl by giving it the proper care. Here are 10 tips for taking care of your singing bowl.

1. Keep your singing bowl the right side up

Ensure that your singing bowl is always placed right way up (open face up), and always have the bowl on something soft, like the ring cushion that it comes with. Your bowl is handcrafted using ancient techniques that give it the ability to make the beautiful sounds it does. If you make a habit of sitting it on its side, or letting it flip upside down, small changes to the rim and sides could impact the sound.

2. Watch your fingers

Natural oils from our fingers are the primary reason we need to regularly clean our singing bowls. So when you give your bowl a thorough clean, be extra mindful of those areas where you know you touch it most.

3. Remove dust regularly

Dust should never be allowed to sit on your singing bowl for long periods of time. While a lot of dust is dead skin, some of it can contain toxic chemicals from things you use around your house. Over time, this can be bad for your bowl’s finish.

4. Use simple cleaning ingredients

Under no circumstances is metal polish to be used on your singing bowl. It’s best not to use any commercial cleaning products on the bowls, rather the recommended cleaning option is to use freshly squeezed lemon on a soft cloth to wipe over your bowl.

5. Do not scrub

If you are not careful, you can damage the finish on your Tibetan Singing Bowl. It is important not to use any harsh items on your bowl like salt, baking soda, or any other scrub that can scratch the surface.

6. Always thoroughly dry your singing bowl

When you do a thorough clean, be sure you have three soft cloths. One to apply the lemon juice, one for water to wipe away the lemon juice, and one to buff it dry. The metals that make up your singing bowl are also averse to moisture. Letting your bowl stay wet can cause rust and corrosion. No matter what happens, always dry it off as soon as possible.

7. Handle your singing bowl with care

Even though Tibetan Singing Bowls are made of metal and look solid, please remember that they are very fragile! It is imperative that you do not drop your singing bowl. It can permanently impact the sound your bowl makes, or worse, create a hairline crack which eliminates any resonant sound, producing a dull clunk!

8. Please no sunshine!

As Tibetan Singing Bowls are made from metal, too much direct sunlight can heat the metal causing potential burns to yourself. If you do decide to play your singing bowl outside, please ensure it is in the shade, where it’s metal finish will also be safe from the sun.

9. Energetically cleanse your singing bowl

Just like crystals, your Tibetan Singing Bowl can be energetically cleansed on a regular basis. You may like to use Palo Santo, smudge sticks or even cleansing under the Full Moon to release any negative energy that the bowl may have stored.

10. Keep your set together

Your singing bowl should always come with its striker/mallet/drumstick and cushion to sit on. Where ever you store or display your singing bowl, keep everything together, as a singing bowl is of little use without its mallet, and always needs something soft to sit on!

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