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My mission is to educate and inspire people to experience the magic of singing bowls, so they can understand their own energy and vibration, to facilitate healing, inner peace, and connection to self.

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Hello, I’m Kelly

A Melbourne-based:

Having faced extremely busy periods, exhaustion, anxiety, and burnout in my own life, I’m passionate about sharing the tools that helped me the most on my own journey, particularly the transformational nature that sound has on our vibrational wellness.

I’m passionate about creating calming, healing sound vibrations, and holding space for busy people to calm their inner world, reconnect with their authentic selves and live from a place of flow.

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Here’s where it all started


My first experience playing a singing bowl was back in 2011 on my very first trip to Kathmandu, Nepal.

I was halfway through studying graphic design at University, and I had a deep desire to immerse myself in another culture and volunteer my time over the Uni summer holidays. I decided on the Himalayan region, and off I flew to Kathmandu for two months.

On that very first trip to Nepal, this little bowl caught my eye one day in the marketplace and I knew that it needed to come home with me!

tibetan singing bowls adelaide

Like a lot of singing bowls, it sat on the shelf for years collecting dust. On reflection now, it has always been a visual reminder of what was to come.

I didn’t know this at the time, but this trip was the start of my personal development journey. Not only did I learn an incredible amount about myself, but also about the beautiful country, people, and ways of being in this magcal country.

Years later, feeling burnt out, disconnected, and questioning all my life choices, I was mid-way through my Reiki healing journey when I next picked up a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

At that moment as I played the bowl, my mind instantly cleared, I felt a calmness like no other, and sparks of inspiration flew.

I promised myself the next time I went to Kathmandu I would learn all about this powerful tool, so others could experience all the amazing benefits as well.

That trip to Nepal changed my outlook on life, and I have been going back repeatedly to learn all there is to know about singing bowls and sound healing.

This year I celebrate 14 years since my very first trip to Nepal. I’m so grateful for all the trips that I have taken, for all of the lessons, inspiration, connections and most importantly calmness.

Through my journey of personal development and the exploration of Reiki and sound healing, I learned to trust my own intuition when making decisions for myself, rather than seeking outside validation. This profound shift empowered me to embrace my true self and inspired me to share this gift with others.

Eight years ago, I founded Kindred Souls Collective with the vision of sharing my knowledge and passion for holistic healing. I wanted to create a sanctuary where people could experience the calming and healing effects of sound and energy work.

This mission was strengthened when challenges of Covid inspired me to take a bold leap and open the Soul Spa, a haven where individuals can reconnect with their inner selves and find solace in a chaotic world.

kelly sullivan runs a beginners course for singing bowls through kindred souls collective in melbourne

"I believe there is power in creating your own stillness."

Kelly Sullivan
Founder, Kindred Souls Collective.

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